How will you March Forth this season?

Rich Gassen reviewed the book “For Small Creatures Such as We” by Sasha Sagan on Linkedin. Within this book, Sagan wrote about celebrating March Forth as a rebirth of sorts:

“My mother and I have often thought that March 4th would be a good date for such a secular holiday. When you say it out loud, in English, it sounds like a bold command. It’s a pun that seems to cry out a directive to improve or ‘evolve.’ In a footnote to the book Pale Blue Dot, [Carl Sagan] describes the events of March 4, 1953 BCE, when the five planets visible to the naked eye aligned perfectly, ‘strung out like jewels on a necklace near the great square in the constellation Pegasus.’ This was observable in China and may have been ‘the starting point for the planetary cycles of the ancient Chinese astronomers.’ Up until that moment, they had a completely different view of the universe and our place in it, but faced with new evidence, they changed their worldview, abandoning what no longer made sense.” -Sasha Sagan

I get motivated to do something—anything—to improve upon what I currently have or know around this time every year as I March Forth. How will you evolve this season?- Rich

March Forth

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See Rich’s Linkedin post about Sasha’s book here: