Have a question about the PMDP?

Posted on behalf of Lindsay Lemmer, Senior Marketing Specialist at DoIT

UW Madison’s new campuswide Performance Management and Development Program (PMDP) is on track for launching in July 2017. The PMDP is the campus-supported software for tracking and documenting the actions required between managers and their staff by the performance management policy.

Answers for some of the most pressing questions about PMDP are now available on the PMDP project page. Questions such as whether campus areas may continue to use their own system, who will be expected to use PMDP, and more can be found here. This page will be continuously updated as more questions are gathered, so please check this space frequently.

Is your PMDP question not in the FAQs? Email perf-mgmt@lists.wisc.edu


Have a question about the PMDP?