Members of the CSN 2019 Summer Book Club featuring DRIVE talk about intrinsic motivation at UW-Madison.

Jenny Faust

Jenny Faust teaches about Overcoming Distractions at the Memorial Union December 13th.

Photo from CSN's mini session, “Fostering a Culture of Employee Appreciation and Recognition.”

Book Club image

CSN members engage at networking events so you can connect with other supervisors, learn about campus resources, and discuss how to lead effectively.

Book Club image

Our groups engaging in deep discussion at the Crucial Conversations Summer Book Club.

Ruben Mota teaching a class on Universal Design

Ruben Mota of the McBurney Center teaches a class on Universal Design.


Some feedback from attendees of CSN’s 2017 training:

“Informative. Incorporated questions from audience members.”

“Nice to have an overview of how it can be used for staff development.”

“Good info – wish I’d had it sooner!”

“Good demo of courses and how to make staff accountable.”

“Well done; very knowledgeable.”

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Want to be more involved in CSN? Our strength comes from the diverse experiences the members of our planning committee bring to the table, along with feedback from other campus supervisors regarding content for our website and events. The more people that provide input, the stronger our services and abilities to deliver on our mission. Please don’t hesitate to contact our committee chair at any time, and thank you for your involvement!