Managing Student Workers Information Forum and Speaker Panel, November 2019.

CSN 2019 Summer Book Club featuring DRIVE by Dan Pink.

SHelly Vils Havel Coaching Session Image

CSN Planner Shelly Vils Havel leading an online discussion on coaching.

Heather Younger reading her book The Art of Caring Leadership

Heather Younger reading from her book The Art of Caring Leadership. Heather joined CSN members for some Q & A during our online book club in 2021.

Recognition Session Discussions

Fostering a Culture of Employee Appreciation and Recognition - Spring 2018 Mini Session.

Past Events

Below are previous events CSN has either hosted or been a part of. Contact us for more information on any of these events, or suggestions for future events!

Academic Staff Mentoring Group Discussion

Talkboxes colorHeld March 21, 2023

Rich Gassen joined a small mentoring group from Academic Staff to discuss leadership development on the UW-Madison campus. Rich shared his journey from the private sector to the university and then into management, and also discussed different resources to help individuals develop their own leadership skills, including books, CSN events, and other resources.

Of course, we recommended they sign up for the CSN newsletter to see weekly reminders of resources that to take advantage of, and also check out our Book Barn and TED talks! One of the other attendees mentioned a book he was reading called Leadership Strategy and Tactics which he felt was helpful too.

Leadership @ UW Open House

CSN Planning Committee Member Heidi Udelhoven talking with a visitor at the CSN booth.

Held March 2, 2023 

Campus Supervisors Network was at the La Fête de Leadership Festival at Gordon Dining Hall, where the Leadership @ UW team showcased their services and leadership framework. They also had several other groups on campus that support student and employee leadership development. Our booth was full of giveaways, and we were able to share our services with members of campus who were not familiar with us.

CSN has a long-standing partnership with the Leadership @ UW framework and resources. See more information about Leadership @ UW at

La Fete De Leadership Banner Image


Coaching Circles IconCSN Coaching Circle Training Exercise

Held December 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023

As a supervisor, you are often trying to find answers, solve problems, mentor and/or give advice to support your direct reports. In this session, we introduce you to a tool that does not require you to have any answers or solutions. In fact, thinking you might have the answer or solution is discouraged. The tool is Coaching Circles. These circles aren’t about getting advice or merely having a place to vent. They aren’t about someone else solving your problems. They are spaces of deep listening and deep learning. New perspectives opening up to new possibilities. The best way to learn is to experience for yourself. In this session, we discussed the logistics, roles, and steps involved in participating in a Coaching Circle. Then we tried it out! Absolutely no coaching experience or special knowledge is required. We walked through everything you need to know and ended by talking about ways you might get your employees involved in coaching circles, or how you yourself might want to be a part of a circle.

Facilitated by Theresa Kim of UW-Madison Learning and Talent Development.

CSN Bite-Size Book Club —
CliftonStrengths® assessment

CliftonStrengthsStrengths-based development starts with understanding what strengths contribute to performance. Every team is the sum of its parts, and different challenges call for specific abilities. Some teams need conflict resolution and some need help staying on task, while others need help aligning their work with the organization’s purpose.

The CliftonStrengths® assessment identifies a person’s natural talents and capacities to perform at excellence. It’s a development tool – the more you use your strengths, the stronger they get – and a means of tailoring talent to task and improving performance.

Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths® coaches Mandy Stib, DoIT Training & Organizational Development Manager, and Shelly Vils Havel, Manager of Team Engagement & Development Office of Admissions & Recruitment, along with CSN Planners participated in a Strengths-based workshop. In this workshop, we uncovered our top 5 strengths and learned strategies to use them daily to achieve our greatest potential for success. As supervisors we can also identify how leveraging our teams’ strengths can lead to greater engagement and productivity.

Did you miss this event? You can read the book and take the assessment yourself, and then check out our resources for more details on your personal strengths at:

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