Q: Why didn’t the groundhog see his shadow?

Q: Why didn’t the groundhog see his shadow?
A: He was busy checking out the CSN website!
groundhog with phone in hand showing CSN website

And you should too!

Our site has links to resources, inspiring TED Talks, books on managing and leading, and much more. Find out about other events happening around campus in our blog posts, updated regularly.

CSN recently held a session on Generational Differences, as well as a followup discussion group on that subject; find a link to materials from these sessions on the Networking Events page.

Our planning committee is working on some future events and shows:
1. We will be speaking at the 2018 Academic Staff Institute on March 15th. If you want to learn more about our group and other information pertinent to academic staff, make sure to attend this event. More details about ASI can be found here: https://acstaff.wisc.edu/professional-development/academic-staff-institute

2. We will have a booth at Showcase on March 21st. This is a free networking event open to anyone, with over 60 displays from campus staff members — learn about creative and exciting projects completed on campus in the past year and network with the people who made them happen. More info can be found here: https://strategicconsulting.wisc.edu/showcase-2/showcase/

3. Be on the lookout for more CSN events: we will be introducing “mini sessions” soon (small group settings with more open discussion), we’re working on an event scheduled for early May around the idea of Hiring Techniques presented by Learning and Talent Development staff, and our group is beginning to plan another book club for the summer featuring Crucial Conversations!

We look forward to seeing you at some or all of these events.

Rich Gassen
Campus Supervisors Network CoP chair