Shelly Vils Havel announces new classes at UW-Madison

Shelly Vils Havel asked CSN to pass on information for some newly released courses at the UW-Madison:


To Get What You Want, You Have to Talk about it: Employee’s Role in the Performance Management Process

Have you thought about what your role is in your performance management & development conversations? Several people share the responsibility for feedback and development throughout the process. You can have thinking partners and those to help hold you accountable, but how can you proactively prepare and assume ownership of your performance? The conversation starts with you!

One of the best ways to engage your supervisor in your performance development is to initiate a discussion. You have many opportunities whether through formal performance or goal setting conversations, or informal one on one conversations.

How do you get started and what is your role? How do you adequately prepare for performance conversations – formal or informal? Attend this workshop to discuss ways to start conversations and gain traction towards your professional development. In this interactive session you will learn strategies and tips to better align the employee-employer relationship through goal setting and performance conversations. Learn to focus the conversation on the aspects that make the biggest impact on employee development and performance. You will also explore innovative conversation starter tools to get the ball rolling and maximize your results.


AND – new offerings of

Delivering Effective Feedback

This workshop is designed to help all employees of UW – Madison learn how to provide quality and effective feedback any time that the message is due. Whether feedback is formal or informal, provided to employees, peers or someone else, there are ways that it can be structured to be effective and lasting. Join us in this interactive workshop where we will learn and apply a 5 step process to effectively deliver a message so that people understand it and make changes that may be needed.

Upon completion participants will be able to:
• Define what feedback is and explain what makes it effective
• Apply a 5 step framework for providing feedback
• Identify and apply techniques in delivering difficult messages


Creating and Communicating Your Goals:

This workshop is designed to help all employees of UW-Madison learn the practice of creating realistic specific goals and expectations as well as how to effectively communicate and discuss those goals. This session looks at this activity from both manager and employee perspectives. These conversations are critical in the performance management process to set clear expectations, goals, and measurements for progress.
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

– Define the importance of clear goals and explore goal templates
– Write and evaluate goals / expectations
– Identify ideal communication techniques and strategies to ensure understanding