Really? You’re gonna make me beg?

OK, we are coming up on next week’s Holiday Mingle, and I am hoping more people register for this social networking event CSN is sponsoring. Instead of a speaker event like we commonly plan, we thought it would be nice to thank our members with some food, drinks and conversation in a casual setting for a change. Smitty’s Study Pub at the Fluno Center is just that – with darts and pool, a view of the campus and Madison skyline, and a welcoming space for this event.

Please register, invite a friend to register along with you to introduce them to our planning committee, and we hope to see you next Thursday!

Thursday, November 15 – 4:00-6:00pm
Smitty’s Study Pub in the Fluno Center
Non-alcoholic drinks and appetizers provided;
other drinks available for purchase