The Ultimate Performance-Enhancing Drug: Gratitude

When was the last time you were thanked for your contributions at work? When was the last time you expressed gratitude to another coworker? A recent survey by the John Templeton Foundation revealed that people are less likely to show gratitude at work than anywhere else:

  • 60% said they never or rarely express gratitude to co-workers;
  • 74% never or rarely express gratitude upstream to their boss.

As further confirmation of these findings, a 2017 survey by WorkHuman revealed that:

  • 45% had not received recognition or appreciation for their contributions to the company in at least six months;
  • 16% reported they had never been recognized at all.

Okay, so we know gratitude is good for our health and happiness. It’s a natural anti-depressant. It strengthens relationships and deepens joyful moments of life. But what is it about gratitude that makes it a complete GAME-CHANGER in the workplace?

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