Planners’ Picks Newsletter

Welcome to the first installment of Planners’ Picks:

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

Today we focus on performance management, being productive, and checking in on employees.

Performance Management

Shelly Vils Havel of our planning committee compiled the following document for staff at Extension to prepare for the performance management process. We have modified it for use campus-wide as a reference for managers preparing for their conversations. It includes links to additional resources within. Enjoy!

Personal Productivity

1. What To Do When You’re Feeling Unproductive

Watch a short clip by social media ghostwriter and personal brand strategist Amy Blaschka on how to get out of a funk.

2. Six Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

Snack smarter! Your brain is fueled by the nutrients you eat—so you can give yourself a cognitive advantage by munching on brain-boosting foods when working from home. A message from Dr. Melissa Hughes.

Employee Check-ins and Inviting Feedback

1. Five Questions to Empower Employees During Check-ins

In the Gallup article entitled “Why Managers Must Ask 5 Questions to Empower Employees,” authors Angel Davenport and Bryant Ott discuss how managers can develop a better understanding of employee talent by asking individuals the following questions and spending time exploring the answers during meaningful conversations.

  1. What do you know you can do well but haven’t done yet?
  2. What sorts of activities do you finish and think, “I can’t wait to do that again”? Or what are you doing — inside or outside work — when you’re truly enjoying yourself?
  3. What have you done well that you didn’t need someone to explain how to do?
  4. What have other people told you you’re great at doing?
  5. What activities are you doing when you are unaware of time passing?

Employees’ answers to these questions and the resulting conversations should be the foundation of any exceptional manager’s efforts to energize and empower people to perform better by doing what they naturally do best every day. Read the whole article for more information.

2. How to Ensure Your Employees Feel Psychologically Safe

Author and TEDx Speaker Heather Younger talks about psychological safety in this short article. When you create a workplace that is psychologically safe, you free your employees up to take risks, fail forward, and feel comfortable enough to bring their full selves to work.

31 Days of Women & Leadership Learning

Finally, a mention for the ongoing 31 Days of Women & Leadership Learning Online Symposium. More information and a schedule of sessions below. These are all being recorded and will be available for later viewing if you cannot make the date.