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Planners’ Picks: 
A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

In honor of Labor Day, today we focus mostly on motivating and engaging your team with a sense of purpose. 

Be a Better Manager by Motivating Your Team

Five great perspectives on different ways to motivate and bring out the best in your group: Effective managers understand themselves and their team members. This understanding facilitates communication, motivation, and successful collaboration. In this course, leadership experts—like former NBA commissioner David Stern and bestselling author Daniel Pink explain how to best motivate your team. This is a Linkedin Learning Module (UW has an enterprise license to access these and many more video trainings).

Inside the Brains of Engaged Employees

Engaged employees stay for what they can contribute. Disengaged employees stay for what they can get.  So, what’s the secret of the most engaged employees? Melissa Hughes shares how neuroscience gives us an understanding of why and how people feel engaged at work.

Employee Engagement Advice in the Age of Coronavirus

How can leaders capitalize on (and maintain) their team’s renewed sense of focus in these challenging times? Heather Younger shares strategies to build a resilient and engaging culture in the age of coronavirus.

31 Days of Women & Leadership Learning Lives On

In lieu of this year’s Women & Leadership Symposium, they offered 31 Days of Women & Leadership Learning online for the month of August. Each day of August featured one learning opportunity from a woman leader. These sessions were recorded; all 31 Days episodes are available through the end of the year for viewing. Even if you didn’t partake in August, you are able to register now and receive a password to view the video presentations. All are welcome!

We especially recommend the August 30 session entitled Living in Harmony: Purpose, Participation, and Presence, which focuses on ways to engage your staff more effectively in your department’s mission.

Four Ways to Cultivate Purpose

A sense of purpose can be a critical roadmap in your journey of life. It can help you determine when you’re heading in the right direction and when you may be way off course. So how do we move purpose in life from something that’s aspirational to a personal and lived reality? The answer is in your values and how they show up every day when you’re acting in line with your purpose. Read this article by Richard Davidson, Founder and Director of the Center for Healthy Minds at UW-Madison.

BONUS: Webinar recorded April 9, 2020 about cultivating purpose in uncertain times: