Planners’ Picks – December 1, 2020

Planners’ Picks:
A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

We enter December with a sense of hope, ways to reboot during the holidays, and advice on communicating more effectively.


5 Ways to Promote Accountability

Are concepts like “responsibility” and “being held accountable” viewed negatively by your employees? People are intrinsically motivated to fulfill their commitments for a range of reasons, none of which include being mandated — at least not effectively nor sustainably. A top-down approach makes employees feel like a kid again — it doesn’t cultivate trust and freedom — and it doesn’t motivate people to find their own way to stay on top of things. Instead, leaders can encourage more responsibility among employees by creating an organizational culture that promotes and cascades accountability through five areas of focus.

A Leadership Agenda for Troubled Times: From Fear to Hope

Leadership during trying times requires building cultural and psychological protections for employees. One key for creating such safeguards is holding oneself personally accountable for decisions, others’ well-being, and organizational performance. Another is using compassionate words and deeds to dampen the damage inflicted by the crisis at hand and to conserve, fuel, and direct the willpower and energy of the people you depend on and who depend on you. Leaders who do these things well create passageways that help people travel from a room called fear to a room called hope.

Brain Overload? 5 Ways to Reboot

The clock is ticking, the deadlines are looming, and the stress is mounting. Pretty soon, you’re in overload mode. The human brain is amazingly complex, but it isn’t designed to operate nonstop under high levels of stress or fear. Here are 5 simple ways to get out of the ditch and back into the zone.

Small Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up When The Temperatures Drop

The weather is changing, and the temps are dropping. These joy triggers can bring you a sense of warmth and positivity no matter how dreary things look outside.

How to Communicate with Your Employees During Times Of Crisis

These are hard times. The pandemic, its associated economic problems and political tension are all raging on with no end in sight, and now the coldest, darkest season of the year is fast approaching. If your employees are like most people, they’re feeling exhausted and stressed even when nothing specific is going wrong. At times like these, the way you communicate with your people is more important than ever.

O.C. Tanner 2021 Global Culture Report

The world has never seen workplace cultures change faster than they did in 2020. The how, where, and when of work is now completely different for 4 out of every 10 employees. So far, 2020 has delivered a series of cascading crises to our health, economic, and social systems that have exposed organizational strengths and weaknesses and even changed how organizations do business. However, those with thriving work cultures are weathering the storm much better.
This year’s O.C. Tanner report looks at the impact that crises, technology, recognition, inclusion, leadership, and a new generation of workers will have on cultures. We have a unique opportunity to treat the crises of 2020 as pivotal moments and invest in the lives of our employees and communities. Even small improvements can strengthen work cultures, and stronger cultures will be more resilient and adaptable to future adversity. There’s a lot to unpack in this link.

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Mindfulness and Resilience During a Time of Social Distancing

December 10, 2020 @ 8:30 am

Join this free webinar with Mindful Leadership expert Pandit Dasa, a Mindful Leadership Expert who aligns mindfulness and happiness to enhance your audiences’ work and personal life. During our current time of change and uncertainty, our stress and anxiety levels can go through the roof. It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health so we can take care of ourselves, our family and remain productive in our professional life.

Group Management Consultation with LifeMatters (UW’s EAO Partner)

December 10, 2020 @ 9:00 am

Come ask your burning supervisor questions, and hear what others are asking. Each discussion will be different, based on the questions brought to the session. Maybe you have questions about managing interpersonal conflict, addressing performance, supporting emotional well-being of employees, how to support yourself while you are managing others’ needs, or other topics. Even if you don’t have specific questions, come and gain information from the conversation. Join one or many sessions.