Planners’ Picks — January 19, 2021

Planners’ Picks:
A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

Think about the team’s mental health and how to unify your group with these links.


Intellectual Humility: Are You Open to Being Wrong?

Dr. Melissa Hughes says: If I asked you if you identify as a racist, a xenophobe, or a bigot, chances are pretty good you’d say, “Of course not!”  But, I’d like to pose a tougher question.  Are you ignorant?  Before you answer, let’s establish a working definition of ignorance for the purpose of this exercise.

Why Leaders Need to Consider Their Team’s Mental Health More than Ever

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by many of those around the world, some more than others. Many have lost family members and friends, others have lost their jobs, and some have continued working, but under a new environment and one that is likely more stressful. Our mental health is essential to focus on and to ensure it is looked after. Leaders must be considering their team’s mental health now more than ever before.

Five ways to design a better mental-health future for a stressed-out workforce

Almost 41 percent of Americans struggle with mental health issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, but many companies remain ill-equipped to address the problem. Even business emails seem to have taken on new weight: many have struggled with writing the phrase “hope you are well,” knowing that many of us are not, in fact, well.

We know that mental health occurs along a continuum, with thriving and positive mental health at one end and serious mental illnesses or addictions at the other. In between, however, there are many shades of substance use, anxiety, depression, and other conditions that vary in intensity and impact. Every leader must ask, “What are we doing to help our employees stay physically and emotionally healthy?”

How 8 Business Leaders Are Keeping Employee Mental Health in Mind During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of major upheaval and uncertainty in our lives, business leaders have had a lot on their plates. In addition to keeping their companies healthy and staying afloat, they’ve played a key role in helping their (newly) remote workforces navigate their day-to-day, stay productive, and — just as important — protect their mental health.

The best leaders aren’t always the best performers; they are actually the best UNIFIERS.

This short Linkedin Post by Shannon Bowling covers some questions to ask about your leadership style. Bring your best, but also be open to showing your humanness & vulnerability, and let your team know how important their contribution is.

The Importance of Developing Emotional Empathy

It can help us improve our communication skills, strengthen our relationships, and become better leaders. It’s critical for your effectiveness as a leader and for your well-being to successfully navigate that space between sharing another’s pain and internalizing it.

What supervisors need to know for the Spring Semester

TODAY!! Tuesday, January 19 – 12:00 pm online

With the start of the semester approaching, the university has adopted new COVID-19 testing requirements to enhance the safety of the campus community. An online forum for managers and supervisors to learn more about the requirements, the new Safer Badgers app, issues such as facilities access, and other employment-related concerns, is scheduled for noon on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Panelists include:

  • Jake Baggott, associate vice chancellor & executive director, University Health Services
  • Jennifer Noyes, vice provost of academic operations
  • Carol Griggs, director of operations with University Health Services
  • Argyle Wade, Chief of Staff for the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Todd Shechter, chief technology officer
  • Mark Walters, chief human resources officer, is on hand to address employment-related questions.

You can join the forum at

You are invited to submit questions to the panel via email to Include “Safer Badgers employee forum” in the subject line.

Professional Development in the New Year: Webinar Resources

What’s your professional development resolution? Online professional development has never been more accessible, connecting you with peers from around the world and teaching you what you need to know to advance your professional skillset. Below are webinar resources for professionals who are ready for more, so feel free to share these with your teammates too.

Upcoming CSN Event:

Building Momentum – Creating Short-Term Wins

Building and sustaining momentum in the workplace is vital to motivation, forward movement, and ultimately, to success. Whether large or small, wins motivate us all! Yet in our day to day routines, we seldom celebrate them. This is now more important than ever given our current environment. During this interactive workshop, we’ll identify ways to effectively recognize wins in the workplace, will learn how to reinforce successes, and identify resources for creating and sustaining momentum. Presented by Shelly Vils Havel.

January 29, 2021 @10:00am

Online via Zoom

Registration Link:


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”  – Martin Luther King Jr.