Previous Planners’ Picks Posts Relating to the Wellness Wheel

Here is a collection of previous Planners’ Picks newsletter posts, related to employee wellness and well-being. If you missed them before, enjoy them!

How Couples Can Find Balance While Working from Home

Couples working from home during the pandemic face the challenge of balancing work and domestic responsibilities in a way that’s fair, and so far the ongoing crisis has largely reinforced existing gender gaps in the home. The first step to reaching an equitable arrangement is to understand the sources of conflict. Then, couples can employ negotiation strategies often used in professional settings to improve cooperation, identify unmet needs, and get them met. Taking the time to develop a work-from-home strategy can help strengthen couples’ relationships now and after the pandemic.

Simple Steps You Can Take to Boost Your Immune System on a Daily Basis

Washing our hands is important, but it’s also vital that we commit to building additional preventive healthy habits. We asked our Thrive community to share the small steps they take on a regular basis to boost their immune systems and destress. Which of these will you try?

How Happiness in the Workplace is a Strategy for Excellence Featuring Sarah Ratekin (previously recorded)

Listen to happiness advocate Sarah Ratekin as she presents on the Bricks+Brands Broadcast with host Benjamin Warsinske (previously recorded). Learn how you can increase happiness in the workplace and use it to your advantage as a strategy for excellence. Visit Sarah’s website to learn more about her fascinating work and research by visiting Happiness is Courage.

5 Tips to Better Self-Care for the Work-From-Home Woman

Personal Business Coach Yvonne Jones states: “A few years ago I was in a coaches’ training class, which included peer-to-peer coaching. My partner and I were discussing our schedules for the next week and it was my turn. After I went through my schedule, she paused then asked a simple but profound question. “Where on that schedule is your time?” At first, I did not get what she was asking as I’d spent quite a bit of time planning my schedule. She rephrased it by noting that my calendar was full, but nowhere on that calendar had I scheduled time for self-care.”

5 Simple Yet Powerful Steps to Show Your Employees You Care About Them

Now more than ever, leaders play a pivotal role in connecting, calming, and inspiring their teams. Even as you and your organization are challenged during this time of uncertainty and change, employees also have a lot on their minds, and often a mix of emotions about themselves, their families, and their work situation. A little empathy and thoughtful communication can go a long way to help employees know you care.

8 Ways to Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Your Remote Employees

Maybe you had an office where your business operated before Covid-19. Now things have changed, things are being run from home and you need to find a way to encourage work-life balance for your remote employees.

With the uncertainty of all the current events happening in the world right now, your workers already feel stressed. On top of that, they’re having to adapt to new software and systems, like Zoom team meetings, to stay in touch and keep the ball rolling. It’s no wonder your employees can’t quite get their footing.

You aren’t alone! There are steps you can take to get through this without bringing everyone back into the office. Some companies have already solved these problems. We’ve outlined their solutions and will share them with you, so you can learn how to encourage a work-life balance in your organization.

How 8 Business Leaders Are Keeping Employee Mental Health in Mind During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of major upheaval and uncertainty in our lives, business leaders have had a lot on their plates. In addition to keeping their companies healthy and staying afloat, they’ve played a key role in helping their (newly) remote workforces navigate their day-to-day, stay productive, and — just as important — protect their mental health.

Linkedin Learning: Building Resilience as a Leader

Research tells us that resilience is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Resilience can help you face challenges, navigate obstacles, and thrive in your role. But it can also help you lead your team and your business to bigger and better results. In this course, psychologist and executive coach Gemma Leigh Roberts helps you develop a resilient mindset, a resilient team, and a resilient organization, which can weather risk and change. The tips Gemma offers are approachable and actionable—designed for busy leaders who need an extra edge to survive and thrive in challenging times.

Learning and Talent Development (LTD) courses/resources to cope with stress and build resilience

Supervising can have its challenges in regular times and in 2020 you have likely been asked to stretch even further, both in your work and personal life.

Learning and Talent Development (LTD) acknowledges that stretch, and offers two virtual courses to provide you with strategies and tools to better cope and move through the stress:

  • Thrive@UW: Managing Stress and Finding Vitality at Work Self-Paced Module Register
  • Fully Prepared to Lead (FP2L): Personal Resilience Register

Not able to attend an upcoming course, but still want to know more about this topic? Here are some resources to explore on your own:

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