A Message from Transportation Services regarding temporary loading/unloading parking options for employees

As campus prepares for the fall semester, UW—Madison employees may need to return or remove office equipment and personal belongings from on-site work locations.

Transportation Services aims to help make these transitions as smooth as possible, while also maintaining safety and enforcement standards for the campus community. The following options are suggestions for employees seeking to park and load/unload equipment or personal belongings:

  • Check temporary loading/unloading stall options. Transportation Services is temporarily converting some stalls in certain surface parking lots into loading and unloading zones. Stalls will be marked with 1-hour loading/unloading zone signs. These stalls will be available starting August 2. Usage is on a first-come, first-served basis. If stalls are full, see visitor parking options below. Temporary Loading and Unloading Zone Map (PDF)
  • Check visitor parking options – options include:
  • Coordinate with your building manager. Work with your building manager and your unit’s administrative staff to check availability of loading zones and loading docks. Building managers may also be able to coordinate use of moving equipment (e.g., dollies, carts) for employees. Do not assume these parking locations are available without advance notice and coordination.
  • Coordinate with Transportation Services. Individual units can contact Transportation Services to determine whether it is possible to make special arrangements for parking flexibility during limited times in August 2021. Parking arrangements are subject to space limitations and take time to finalize. To begin this process, submit a Temporary Loading Zone Request.

It is understood this is a difficult and confusing time for employees as many return to on-campus work or shift to a hybrid working modality. At the same time, the scale and breadth of individual and departmental efforts to move equipment and belongings is substantial. Flexibility and collaboration will be the key to a successful reunification on campus this fall.

Thank you for your collaboration in helping make this process as seamless as possible.

Transportation Services

Email: transportation@fpm.wisc.edu