Planners’ Picks — September 14, 2021

Planners’ Picks

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

We’re hopping on the trust train, checking in our team’s mental health, and taking our weekly dose of self-leadership medicine in this week’s PP.


||| Resources on Building Trust ||| 

5 Ways to How to Build Team Trust and Boost Collaboration

Trust is one of the most essential ingredients to a team’s success. When colleagues trust each other, they plan more effectively, work more efficiently, and become stronger as a group. But when trust is lacking or damaged, it can impact everything from overall morale to employee engagement, and yes, team performance.

Building strong peer relationships and fostering trust among colleagues makes everything run a lot more smoothly. As a team leader, you can help build trust by teaching people to rely on one another and become more autonomous together. Keep reading for strategies to promote a culture of trust on your team.

Promoting Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Timothy Clark writes about the four stages of psychological safety and how you can promote them in the workplace to improve trust and work culture.


||| Resources on Mental Health |||

Reboarding: The Mental Health Crisis

Research shows that Americans are facing a mental health crisis. At gThankYou, mental health wellness is close to our hearts. We hope to help organizations make strides in sustaining a safe, welcoming environment. It will be noticed and appreciated. We can only touch on this topic but rounded up some excellent resources. Take the time to ensure you have a properly sized team of qualified people to lead the charge. They should do research and provide outreach to employees about what is available.

How to Cope With an Unpredictable Workday

These simple strategies can help you shift from anxiety to calm in a matter of minutes. While many situations at work and at home are out of our control, we can choose our response to them. As soon as things seem to be spiraling out of control, try these simple techniques to help you course-correct and stay calm.

“Life is like a prism. What you see depends on how you turn the glass.”  – Jonathan Kellerman

Better Sleep for Shift Workers

Few people would disagree that work in America is changing. Even before the pandemic upended the job market, the rise of the gig economy meant that more workers than ever before were working non-standard hours — often during the night when the rest of the world was sleeping.

From Uber drivers to emergency room nurses, nearly 15 million Americans work at night or rotate in and out of night shifts. Many more pick up extra hours for overtime or work a second job to make ends meet.

Although researchers are just starting to look at the impact of COVID-19 on shift work, it’s safe to say that in many industries — and most particularly in healthcare — shift work increased over the last year and a half. We’ve all seen stories of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals working long hours into the night in crowded hospitals with COVID patients. Essential workers, from grocery store cashiers to police officers, also saw their hours increase — along with their risk levels.


||| Resources on Self-Leadership Development |||

Leaders Need 3 Kinds of Focus

FOCUS is not a 4-letter word but for those of us who enjoy and are interested in so many things (or have a bit of A.D.D.) focusing can be challenging. Even the word itself sounds sharp. In our fast-paced, instant gratification, “need-it-done-now” work environment, focus is critical, but clearing out the distractions to focus on one thing fully is a rare occasion. Read this post from Jean Marie DiGiovanna.

“Fear comes from a lack of knowledge. Accelerate your learning, eliminate your fear.” – Jay Shetty

Robert Glazer Elevate Podcast with Angela Duckworth

Robert Glazer, author of the CSN Summer Book Club book Elevate, has a weekly podcast as well. He recently interviewed Angela Duckworth, the author of Grit and talked about values, intrinsic motivation, and balance in life and work.

Robert says: “For a long time, I have admired the work of Angela Duckworth, a Wharton professor and the NYT bestselling author of Grit—I even featured her work in Elevate. I interviewed Angela to kick off the fall season of The Elevate Podcast, where we had a wide-ranging conversation about building grit in life, work, leadership, parenting and more.”

5 Exercises to Help You Build More Empathy

Empathy — or understanding the thoughts and feelings of the people around us — is one of the most important and most trying parts of being social creatures. But what exactly is empathy? And crucially, can we have more?


||| Upcoming Events |||

The BLUEPRINT Leadership Summit

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