Planners’ Picks — November 2, 2021

Planners’ Picks

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

This week we spook out the Sunday Scaries from our mind, work on gratitude in the month of Thanksgiving, strengthen our leadership muscle, and tickle trust. And, hopefully, we get over this sugar buzz.


||| Resources on Mental Health and Self-Care |||

How to Stop the Sunday Scaries

Let’s talk about anxiety on Sunday nights. Ever been there?

Maybe you’ve seen people using “Sunday Scaries” on social media. It’s a term that’s popped up in the last few years as a way for people to describe the anxiety they feel on Sundays when they think about the looming work week or school week that’s about to begin. And it’s no joke. A shocking survey by LinkedIn found that more than 90% of Millennials and Gen Z worry about the week ahead on Sundays. That’s scary stuff. That comes as no surprise when 70% of Americans are disengaged at work. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course, you’re going to feel anxious the night before you have to return to a job you hate. Here are a couple of suggestions on getting past this feeling before the work week begins.

Having a Bad Day? Be Kind to Someone Else to Ease Your Angst

Next time you’re having a bad day, do something kind for another person! It may surprise you how much it will brighten your day. Get inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and their new calendar:

The Action for Happiness November Calendar is available now

This month, AFH is encouraging you to try something new!  Learning something new or getting involved in an activity that really absorbs and interests us is great for our well-being. Keeping our brains active is not only good for us physically but it can help you feel you are flourishing as you see yourself making progress with a new skill, or just make you smile as you make a mess and decide to start again. 🙂  Being playful and trying new things is important, as is remembering that it’s OK not to get it right the first time – change “I can’t do it”, into “I can’t do it…yet!” This month’s calendar is full of ideas to help you decide what to try next. Download this month’s calendar, New Ways November, here:


||| Resources on Work Culture & Team Development |||

Podcast: No Hard Feelings with Liz Fosslien

Just out! Join Liz Fosslien from Humu as we chat about her illustrated bundles of joy, work-life balance and remote working, how to cultivate a healthier relationship with work, and the most underrated food (the answer might surprise you!)

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, but the parent to all others.” – Cicero

Gratitude: The Most Powerful Motivator for Your Team

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. When we say the words “thank you,” we make our team feel important and valued, which raises their self-esteem and helps improve their self-image.

To Retain Employees, Give Them a Sense of Purpose and Community

Leaders determined to stem the tide of talent defections during the Great Resignation could be surprised to learn they’re barking up the wrong tree by simply throwing money or perks at the problem. The author spoke with six human resource executives from companies reporting that their organizations are not experiencing higher-than-normal attrition.


||| Resources on Self-Leadership Development |||

Four soft skills you need to develop as a leader

More and more, soft skills are becoming as valuable for leaders as technical skills. Learn how they can make a huge difference in how you choose to lead. Soft skills are all about how you present yourself and how you act in the world. You may overlook them because they are not as concrete or measurable as technical skills. We also do not learn them in school. But they are some of the most valuable self-development tools that you can use to become a better leader.

How to stay motivated even when you don’t feel like it

Staying motivated or getting motivated about the work you do is key to success, but what if you don’t “feel” like it? What if you’re having a day when you don’t have the energy? Here are some strategies Allison Liddle suggests we use regularly to get ourselves motivated and energized.

“You only need to know the direction, not the destination. The direction is enough to make the next choice.”  – James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

5 Ways You Can Help New Managers To Become Better Leaders

“45% of managers report never receiving formal management training to lead others and improve team efficiency or morale.”

This often means that they lead using the same methods as their leaders did, and archaic practices are passed down to the next generation of leaders. To help change this cycle, here are five ways you can assist new managers to become better leaders and create an organization that thrives:

📍 Learn To Trust Through Delegating
📍 Build Health Leadership Habits That Employees Copy
📍 Lead By Example By Dismantling The Hierarchy
📍 Understand The Art Of Communication
📍 Make Recognition A Goal


||| Resources on Building Trust |||

How to Build Trust In a Room When You Need It Most

To be an effective leader you need to be able to build trust. It’s really that simple. If trust isn’t present, you can’t lead successfully. Building trust is an ongoing process, something you need to work at every day. Here are some of the key elements from Leadership Coach and Author Lolly Daskal.

“Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” — Patrick Lencioni

Leveraging Trust by Robert Glazer

In your interactions with each other and clients, remember that to create trust people want to experience your competency first-hand and have that backed-up by good character.


||| Upcoming Events |||

Supervising Students Mini Conference November 9

We are excited to introduce the Supervising Students Mini Conference (presented by WiGROW). Join supervisors of student-employees from across campus and our community in this thought-provoking mini-conference which will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas while engaging in a variety of topics on best practices related to supervising student-employees. The mini-conference consists of 4 sessions occurring Tuesday, November 9th. You are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions provided as part of the series. All sessions will take place virtually (Zoom) and will be one hour in length. We would greatly appreciate your help in sharing these opportunities within your teams and circles, if possible.

More information including descriptions of each session can be found here:

Reminder: Campus Supervisors Network Holiday Gathering Dec 1

It’s time to show our gratitude for your hard work and dedication as a supervisor during this challenging year. Please join us at the CSN Holiday Gathering – a chance to catch up and socialize with some of your peers, including members of the CSN planning committee. No speaker; just fun networking and mingling with other supervisors from campus.

Meet us in the upper balcony of The Sett Pub @ Union South on December 1 from 3-6 pm. Appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided; other drinks are available for purchase from the bar. We hope to see you there and encourage you to invite a friend to register as well!

Please register so we can gauge how many people to cater to.


Wednesday, December 1 – 3:00-6:00pm

The Sett Pub Upper Balcony Area @ Union South

Non-alcoholic drinks and appetizers provided; other drinks available for purchase