Planners’ Picks — February 1, 2022

Planners’ Picks

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

We’re putting our past mistakes behind us as we venture into February, and unlike Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, we are moving forward with our lifelong learning, team development, and our own leadership development too.


||| Image of the Week: |||

4 Step Process to Overcome Failure

Nobody likes to fail at work. Failure isn’t pleasant and when it happens too many accept it willingly and without consequence. They don’t understand how to use it and get beyond it. Understanding the reasons why we failed is a start but, knowing how to handle failure and move forward from it is even better.


||| Resources on Work Culture & Team Development |||

What Motivates Lifelong Learners

Looking to stay ahead of the competition, companies today are creating lifelong learning programs for their employees, but they are often less effective than they could be. That’s because they don’t inspire the right kind of learning: The creation of new knowledge (and not just the transfer of existing knowledge about existing skills). The author’s research shows that those who are motivated to this kind of learning are spurred not by fear of losing their jobs, which is often the motivation given, but by what he calls the “passion of the explorer.” The article describes this mindset and how companies can create it among their employees.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (and how to fix them!)

Most everyone has seen or read “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team” as they are often taught, shared, and repeated….for a reason. They are so dead-on accurate that most organizations recognizably suffer from one or more of them! Read this short Linkedin post from Monte Pedersen of CDA Group.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried but you’ve actually been planted.” – Christine Caine

From Deficits to Possibilities: Mentoring Lessons from Plants on Cultivating Individual Growth through Environmental Assessment and Optimization

CSN member Liza Chang, the First-Year Program Manager at College of Agricultural & Life Sciences (CALS), forwarded this message after seeing our image of the week about plants needing different care:

“This week’s image reminded me of Dr. Beronda Montgomery’s work and I thought it might be relevant to share her thoughts on mentoring (especially of folks from diverse backgrounds) based on her work with plants. She has a new book out that I have yet to read, but I originally got hooked on her work from this article that is easy for all to read.” 

Thanks for planting a seed, Liza! This essay discusses plant biology-inspired practices for supporting the development of a diverse range of students, academic staff, and faculty members as researchers, scholarly thinkers, and independent practitioners. Growth-perspective relationships with plants indicate vast potential for our capacity to progressively support diverse individuals in the academy. This essay investigates effective means for planting and cultivating growth-focused mentoring and faculty development initiatives.

Find the book on this topic here:

Do you have a topic or article worth sharing with this peer group? Be like Liza; send it to Rich Gassen for consideration!


||| Resources on Self-Leadership Development |||

What Does it Take to Lead People? Look for 4 RARE Habits

Having interviewed and coached hundreds of leaders Marcel Schwantes has seen the best and worst of leaders. The worst? Well, they’re easier to spot because their immaturity stands out, affecting their teams and organizations. Quite truthfully, the lack of maturity in most leadership settings is becoming increasingly obvious. Most organizations are so results-driven and short-term focused, they don’t put enough emphasis on the actual emotional maturity of the people they hire and promote that will benefit them long-term.

The problem with hiring or promoting people strictly based on things like drive, charisma, and achieving results is that we often place selfish, immature individuals into important positions.

Read on to learn about the the four R.A.R.E. habits of mature leaders, developed by Warner and Wilder: Remain relational, Act like yourself, Return to joy, and Endure hardship well.

How to Stop Imposter Syndrome from Holding You Back in 2022 for Introverted Women

Does imposter syndrome or a lack of confidence hold you back from being your best self and achieving your full potential? Do you know that you have so much more to contribute to making a difference and an impact in your field, but imposter syndrome and self-doubt affect your confidence to do so? Do you want to nip this in the bud and make 2022 the year that you step into your own?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, In this week’s Quietly Visible newsletter Carol Stewart shares how you can stop imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence from holding you back in 2022 so that you release your introvert superpower.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” — William G.T. Shedd

The Top 3 Leadership Challenges

Peter and Mira Griffiths often create new podcast episodes based on their one-to-one coaching supporting leaders, and they find them useful in both their work and personal life. These are the top 3 topics that leaders find challenging on their The Mind Takeaway podcast series, including exploring personal boundaries, vulnerability in leadership, and energy vs time management.

Leaders, Here’s The Meaning Of February’s New Moon

It’s a rare black moon and the Lunar New Year.

Cresting in the skies the night of Jan. 31 CT/Feb. 1 ET, the new moon in Aquarius gives us the chance to start a new month with a clean slate. In the eastern time zone, this lunation rises during the first hour of February. However, for those of us on central, mountain, or pacific time, this lunation doubles as a rare “black moon” — meaning it’s the second new moon to take place during a single month. Regardless of what side of the calendar it falls on, the spiritual meaning of the February 2022 new moon can help us build an innovative new outlook that blasts us confidently into the future.

New moons mark the beginning phase of the monthly lunar cycle, so astrologically, they’re aligned with the energy of fresh starts and new endeavors. If you’re setting intentions, starting a project, or trying to manifest more energy into your life, the renewal-focused vibe of a new moon is considered the most auspicious moon phase to do so. Go get ‘em!


||| Action for Happiness ||| 

Action for Happiness: Know Your Own Power

Author and GP Dr. Radha discusses how you can reframe the bad stuff, prevent overwhelm and overcome difficult times. This conversation with Dr. Mark Williamson was recorded at an Action for Happiness event on 24th January 2022. Watch it again or for the first time!

Action for Happiness Friendly February Calendar

We need each other more than ever right now! This month let’s focus on reaching out to connect with others and doing our best to be a good friend. Our acts of kindness and connection ripple out and impact so many more people than we realize – and they also boost our own happy hormones too! In stressful times people around us may be feeling the strain, so let’s try to keep calm, take time to listen and show compassion.


||| Upcoming Events ||| 

Focus on Facilitation CoP— Self-Care: Use it or Lose it

During these challenging times of collective grief, it can be hard to maintain hope in the face of uncertainty.  Many of us feel disconnected from our community and are having trouble staying positive.  In this session, you will learn some wellness routines that will help you maintain positivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your overall well-being, even through the toughest of times.

Date: Thursday, February 17
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 PM Central Time
Log-In: Zoom Link
Presenter: Lisa Grasshoff

Check Out This Year’s Showcase Breakout Sessions

This year’s Showcase breakout session topics have been finalized and are now published on the Breakout Sessions page of the Showcase website. Be sure to check them out!

The 50- and 75-minute sessions cover a variety of topics ranging from project management to organizational development case studies to taming work distractions and many others in between.

Showcase, which will be held Tuesday, March 8, at Union South, is a free annual event highlighting exciting—and inspiring—innovations and improvements on campus. The event features a poster exhibition, poster flash talks, breakout sessions, and a keynote presentation.