Results of the CSN 2024 Survey

UW Supervisors,
Thank you to those who filled out our CSN 2024 Survey in January. This information was helpful to see where we are doing well as a community of practice and areas for us to focus on in the future.

CSN Survey Word cloud image

We saw an overwhelmingly positive response to the various services CSN planners have put into place for our members:

  • The weekly Planners’ Picks newsletter
  • Our sessions and book clubs
  • The comprehensive website of resources, past events, and newsletters
  • And more!

Some trends in the feedback were very interesting:

  • Some feel that the newsletters are too often or have too many resources
  • On the flip side, some felt the newsletter was too short! (They wanted more links)
  • Some mentioned they cannot get to all of the articles and feel bad about that
  • Some felt there were not enough podcasts listed – too much reading of articles
  • Others appreciated the variety of links, sources of content, etc.
  • As for events, there was a grand theme of appreciation for online events to allow remote workers and staff out of town to participate
  • We also heard some suggestions on future topics of interest which is very helpful for our planning

What are we doing with this information?

First, we have decided to continue the newsletter weekly but will limit the resources to ten or less each week. One recommendation is that you don’t have to read all of them; this isn’t homework, after all! My suggestion is to scan the topics and try to engage with a couple of the more interesting posts based on your leadership journey. You can also bookmark the links for later, save them in an email to reference, or sign up for the newsletters yourself if one of the organizations speaks to you. If you are super busy one week and can’t read the newsletter, no worries! We all have different priorities at different times.

Second, we took some of the suggestions for speakers and content to our planning meeting and will work on diversifying our offerings to reflect some of those recommendations.

We thank you for your growth mindset, your interactions at our sessions, and your continued commitment to the university and those you lead. Be watching for upcoming events, book clubs, and another summer-long initiative we are currently developing. Until then, March Forth!

Rich Gassen for CSN