Employee Assistance Expands Options for UW-Madison Supervisors & Managers

What is EAO?

The Employee Assistance Office (EAO) provides employees and family members with free, confidential counseling sessions, and consultation for supervisors and managers. EAO also provides training, group facilitation, and crisis response. EAO is located on the UW-Madison campus.

What is LifeMatters?

LifeMatters is EAO’s new partner that provides employees and their family members with free, confidential assistance by phone or text 24/7. Their staff also provide in-person (or video) counseling sessions throughout Wisconsin. Please see the enclosed brochure for a detailed description of all services.

How can I benefit as a supervisor/manager/leader?

Employee Assistance can be a valuable resource to you in your professional role; services are conveniently located near your home and workplace. Schedule a phone or in-person consultation with EAO during business hours. The LifeMatters team is available by phone during any shift. Connect with either program about managing conflict, providing effective feedback, assisting an employee in crisis, or managing transitions.

Which program is best for me and/or my staff?

The choice is yours. You may wish to contact EAO because you are familiar with their staff, or you may contact LifeMatters for an immediate response or an additional perspective. At a minimum, invite your employees to download the LifeMatters app, browse the LifeMatters website and view the video overview on the homepage. Making a referral to supportive resources has never been easier!

You may not need assistance now, but if you or someone you supervise needs support or information in the future, EAO and LifeMatters are there for you. We invite you to become familiar with EAO and LifeMatters using the contact information below.

Employee Assistance Office

Call: 608-263-2987

Email: eao@mailplus.wisc.edu

Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St. Room 226    

Madison, WI 53703

Sherry Boeger, Director

Susan Fuszard, Consultant

Lisa Tiedemann, Office Manager


Call 1-800-634-6433

Text “Hello” to 61295

Schedule a chat or video session

Website: www.mylifematters.com

Password: Bucky1

Password for Supervisors: Bucky2

Download the app (Password: Bucky1)