UW–Madison Women and Leadership Symposium is coming July 2nd

Join many others at Union South on Tuesday, July 2 to celebrate and learn more about the unique ways in which women thrive in and are essential to the workplace.

Now in its eleventh year, the UW–Madison Women and Leadership Symposium brings together a group of engaged professionals for networking, professional development, learning from women leaders, and sharing of best practices.

Gloria Reyes, Deputy Mayor to the Public Safety, Civil Rights, Community Services, Public Health, and City Attorneys Offices will deliver the keynote address, titled “Her Story: The Power of Unleashing Our Inner Beginning.” Gloria’s experience serving the Madison community not only in office but also through police work for over ten years with the City of Madison Police Department offers a unique perspective in the ways women are necessary and important in leadership positions.

There will be 28 breakout sessions on topics related to relationship building, well-being, building influence, career management, personal development and workplace skills, and engagement, inclusion, and diversity. Each session is facilitated by women, and content has been tailed specifically for current and future women leaders, focusing on the skills you need to reach your goals. Not only are there sessions on how to manage your vastly different personal and professional lives in harmony, but there are also sessions centered around including giving and receiving feedback, financial education, self-defense, and more.

The endnote address will be a panel discussion from women leaders across campus, discussing the topic “Leadership Journeys: How campus women leaders paved their paths.” During this session, prominent women leaders Lisa Carter, Lois Brooks, Gloria Hawkins, and Eden Inoway-Ronnie will discuss barriers they’ve overcome, the impacts of imposter syndrome, and more.

This event is open to anyone interested in women’s advancement, so share with coworkers and friends. The conference fee is $75 for UW employees and students and $100 for non-UW participants. Please register by Friday, June 21 to secure your spot.

Please email conferences@ohr.wisc.edu with any questions.