Nominations open tomorrow for the Elizabeth S. Pringle Award.

The Pringle Award is available to any member of the University Staff holding an Office Support Title (see attached list).

Anyone, from any staff, holding any title, may nominate a person holding an Office Support Title for the Award.

The Nominations will be reviewed by a five person committee consisting entirely of University Staff. They will make the determination of who receives the Award and that Award will be presented to the winner at the 16 September meeting of the University Staff Congress.

You will have from 12 July until Noon on 20 August to nominate someone for the Award.

When you nominate someone, remember, you do not have to be their supervisor, you don’t even have to work in the same Division, you just have to be willing to tell the story of their extraordinary service to the campus.

Who better to tell the story than you? We are counting on you to bring us the remarkable stories of the achievements of  University Staff so we can share them.

Beginning on 12 July, you will find a nomination form available on the University Staff Shared Governance website.

Valid Titles List: pringletitles1