Career Management@UW: New Course Launch

Career Management is the process of identifying and aligning skills, strengths, and goals with organizational needs and individual well-being. Managers support career management by coaching employees and jointly create a plan to achieve career-related goals. Effective managers listen and encourage team members through intentional career conversations. A new course for managers has been development with this in mind.

Learning and Talent Development is launching a new 3 ½ hour workshop – Overview: Managers supporting employee career development. The workshop is designed to provide you with a practical approach for understanding career management, employee career development, and career conversations.

This course will:

  • Explain the stages of employee career development, self-explore/assess, goal-setting, strategy/plan, discover/engage, and brand/articulate
  • Initiate career conversations with employees
  • Provide workplace tools to use with your team

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Question can be directed to Christopher East, Organization Career Development Trainer in Learning and Talent Development at