CSN Planning Committee member Ruben Mota takes on new role for UW-Madison

Ruben Mota
Ruben Mota

CSN planning committee member Ruben Mota has been hired as the UW–Madison campus’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator. His first day in the position is today. On behalf of the other members of CSN, congratulations to Ruben on this new adventure and service to the university.

“Hopefully, through awareness of the ADA, we will all feel empowered to play our part of right-doing to ensure that all programs, policies and events are welcoming and accessible, and that we are talking about what accommodations we need to provide to ensure individuals with disabilities have equal access to everything UW–Madison has to offer.

In addition to outreach and training, over the long term, I hope to continue participating in the work that has been taking place on campus for the past few years in changing the societal view of disability as something that is broken and needs to be fixed, and instead viewing disability as another aspect of diversity.”

Read the whole interview with Ruben here: https://news.wisc.edu/q-a-mota-excited-to-face-challenges-as-ada-coordinator/