8-Day Seminar Series: The Conscious Leadership Experience: March-June, 2020

The Conscious Leadership Experience is an opportunity for leaders of local government, education, business, and non-profit sectors to come together – to learn and create through a mix of experiential learning, deep conversation, inward reflection, hands-on application, and collaboration.  The program will also include 1:1 coaching, opportunities for deep reflection and self-inquiry along with practical tools and techniques/strategies to apply back in the real world.  Toral Livingston-Jha, former UW employee and founder of TLJ Coaching and Consulting, will be supporting the program through two mindfulness and leadership teachings during the first and third modules.

The program would very much benefit from a rich mix of perspectives, backgrounds, roles/functions, and experiences! Here is a link to the program for more information: https://www.zingcollaborative.com/conscious-leadership-experience

(Shared with CSN by Toral)