10 Well-Being Tips During the Days of COVID-19

I brought home my binder full of some old notes from the servant leader group I have been attending monthly for the past two years. I commonly write down something someone says, intending to look it up later, but never get to it because I am so busy. Well, I got to it.

One scribble was “Richard Davidson” with nothing else there. I looked him up: He’s the founder of the UW-Madison Center for Healthy Minds and their website, ironically, has a plenitude of resources for navigating this time. A note I wrote well over a year ago was pertinent to TODAY. Right now.

Pelin Kesebir

Visit their site and find all of their helpful resources, but I especially suggest this article, where Pelin Kesebir, Assistant Scientist at the Center for Healthy Minds, shares 10 well-being tips for the time of COVID-19: