Supervisor Support during Difficult Times

Supervisors will continue to see not just the impacts of the COVID -19 pandemic on employees, but also collective impacts of racism and racial inequities and health and mental health disparities in our local and larger communities. Supervisors often are the ones who witness how changes in society impact the workplace. When there is a lot of uncertainty, change, and transition, people can start to feel stressed. While some stress can be helpful, too much can sometimes cause people to struggle to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and organize their thoughts. These are normal and understandable symptoms of stress. Where it can begin to be a problem is when these symptoms become so uncomfortable that it disrupts our daily living or creates challenges in the workplace. At these times, it can be helpful to speak to employee assistance professionals who can provide additional support for employees and supervisors who want to confidentially process and manage their stress, access additional resources, and get an outside perspective on ways to effectively move forward. Contact the Employee Assistance Office at UW-Madison today!