Inclusive Student Employment Practices resources

The UW-Madison student Employment team out of the Office of Student Financial Aid is excited to share a few new resources and opportunities with you!
Check out the Inclusive Student Employment Practices webpage that has many resources for hiring managers and student supervisors to utilize when hiring, onboarding, training, and working with students to ensure an equitable and inclusive process and environment.
We are also excited to introduce our Student Employment Podcast Series. This series will be a chance for you to discuss equity, inclusivity, and diversity as it relates to our work as supervisors. There will be a featured podcast for you to listen to ahead of time and then there will be a one-hour discussion session where you can engage with other supervisors on the topic. If you are unable to listen to the podcast, no worries please feel free to still join the conversation.  More information about the podcast series can be found here.
If you have any questions, please contact Student Employment at Thank you!