Planners’ Picks — July 20, 2021

Planners’ Picks:

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

Today we treat ourselves to free popcorn on the Terrace, build habits, and figure out how to be present in the moment, while being accepting of ourselves, our differences, and unique offerings.


RIGHT NOW: Sunburst to Sunset Terrace Appreciation Day

The UW Thanks YOU! On Tuesday, July 20 (TODAY!!) enjoy morning and afternoon treats at the Memorial Union Terrace in gratitude for all you do.

  • From 7 to 9:30 a.m., stop in for a free cup of coffee, breakfast bakery assortment and fruit.
  • From 2 p.m. to close (while supplies last), grab a free popcorn in Der Siftskeller for all UW faculty, staff and graduate employees – just show your campus ID.

Creating a Habit of Exercise to Be Happier

Read this interview between author and podcast host Gretchen Rubin and Dr. Laurie Santos on the way to find happiness through your habits of exercising.

How to Have a Good Bad Day and Many Other Tips

Brooke Snow is an author, meditation instructor, musician, podcaster, and parent who prefers to define herself by her qualities, rather than any of these roles. Reframing identity as traits (kind, thoughtful, determined) rather than titles allows Brooke to be so much more than the sum of her jobs.

Brooke explains why bad days are actually good when you can recognize your wins (however small), putting floors and ceilings on your daily productivity, where her S Curves as an entrepreneur and a parent inform each other, and why it’s not always a bad thing to be “self-centered.” Listen to her riveting and insightful discussion with Whitney Johnson on the Disrupt Yourself podcast, #224.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Straddling the S Curve: Work informs family, and family informs work.
  • Jealous Trees: Don’t compare yourself to others based on what you lack. Celebrate the differences that make you great.
  • Routines:  Daily routines anchor us. The ability to be thankful as you transition from one task to another can ritualize gratitude and create a positive perspective.
  • How to Have a Good Bad Day: Set yourself up to benefit from a bad outcome and don’t be afraid to call an audible. Recognizing small wins from the past is so much healthier than lamenting what you still want to achieve in the future.

“Even if you think the grass is greener on the other side, you’re going to have to mow that side too.” – Joyce Meyer

5 Tools to Help Improve Your Mental Health

Have you ever wondered how to actually invest in your mental well-being? You probably hear a lot of people talk about it these days, but what can you actually do to improve your mental health?

In this week’s YouTube video, leadership coach Julia Arndt shares 5 specific tips with you on how to start investing in your mental well-being…some of them might really surprise you.

Coaching Can Help Managers Navigate “New Normal” as Remote Employees Return to Campus

As August approaches, many campus offices will be returning to in-person work after a long period of working remotely, with some returning to a hybrid of in-person and remote work.

Whether returning to fully in-person or hybrid working arrangements, things will not simply be going back to how they were before. A lot has changed, and this will be another significant period of transition—both for you as a manager and for your team.

The Office of Strategic Consulting is here to help you navigate this “new normal” as you try to ensure a smooth transition. More information below:

“Embrace the uncertainty, trust yourself, do good always, and you’ll find your way. Or, more likely, it will find you.”  – M. Sankey

Why Make Your Life Complicated?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The same can be said of performing any activity, tackling any issue, or making progress in general. Yet, some people opt for a topsy-turvy lifestyle in which everything goes in twists and turns. It should come as no surprise that this behavior can be a constant source of stress that can wreak havoc with your life. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Do you make your life complicated?

Employee Appreciation is Key During “Reboarding” to the Workplace

Workforces are trickling back into office buildings and teams are rejoining in person after a long pandemic-related hiatus. It feels a bit like starting over, doesn’t it? While safety is the number one priority, it’s also critical to view this period as an opportunity for employee appreciation.

What is Reboarding? According to HR Daily Advisor, “Reboarding is the concept of bringing individuals back who were previous employees but away for some period of time. The idea is to modify onboarding for someone who is already familiar with your company but has been away.” gThankYou has some tips for this critical time in your relationship with staff.


Upcoming Events

Summer Concerts at Allen Centennial Garden

Finish your summer in style, listening to music among the beautiful flowering plants at Allen Centennial Garden. While some have already happened, there are plenty of opportunities left to take advantage of this free event! Brought to you by the Friends of Allen Centennial Garden. In case of rain, concerts are not able to be held.

  • Aug 1: Tommy Mattioli’s Mambo Jazz Quintet: Madison’s virtuoso vibe player Tommy Mattioli and his Latin jazz quartet offer chord-melody mambos and cha chas from the ‘50s & ‘60s in a compelling program of Afro-Cuban jazz sure to have you on your feet!
  • Aug 15: Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble, inspired by the legendary Django Reinhardt and vintage jazz from across the globe, presents acoustic instrumental music ranging from hot swing to originals to standards done in uniquely arranged styles.
  • Aug 29: The Sally de Broux & Laurie Lang Band closes the season with Sally’s thoughtful and warm contralto in a program of standards from the Great American Songbook along with originals presented with long-time collaborator bassist Laurie Lang.