Growth Mindset Self-Talk

Here’s a recent Linkedin post from leadership coach Monte Pedersen:
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We’ve all heard the expression, “we are what we eat”. Well, news flash! The same thing applies to what we “feed our brain” as what we constantly entertain and absorb through our thoughts and environment we eventually condition ourselves to believe in….

“Self Talk” is a tried and true way to combat those conditioned beliefs, negative emotions and feelings that we acquire over time. Like a good habit we must unlearn those negative thoughts occupying space in our brain by crowding them out with real, positive thoughts we know to be true.

And it starts with finding and practicing strategies that work for each of us. Positive strategies that start by adopting a “growth mindset” that changes the way we think and reinvigorates us with the love of learning we were all born with.

Strategy execution management encourages the growth mindset. It compels the individual contributor on a team to learn and grow, to support others and look at setbacks as opportunities. This happens because two-way active, candid dialogue between people is constantly promoted.

People talking to each other, positively.

People who don’t judge you nor you them. People who help each other to develop and become the best they can be. People that recognize when they win, the team, the organization and other involved stakeholders win. This is the stuff that fuels execution, that gets things done.

And it all starts with how we talk to ourselves.

Check your “self talk” is it positive? Forward thinking? Action oriented?

If not, you can start today.

Growth Mindset Self-Talk