Planners’ Picks — July 13, 2021

Planners’ Picks:

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

Today we focus on change and the transition back to campus. We also dabble in workplace culture, financial wellness and gratitude for YOU! We end the day with a concert in the park…


Help Your Employees Who Are Anxious About Returning to the Office

As a manager how do you help people manage their return-to-work anxiety? As we are told by campus what to expect in the fall, this is still uncharted territory for all us, especially managers. The author reached out to several experts who study the role of middle managers and compassion at work to ask what they’d advise; while not all of it may apply to the UW-Madison’s return to the workplace, there is some good advice in this article.

Celebrate Small Wins To Achieve Big Goals

We all want to be successful in our goals and it’s these goals that put meaning into our lives – give us something to strive for and help better ourselves. But have you ever tried to reach a big goal with giving up as the end? Have you started working towards your goal but over time felt that it’s just too high a mountain to climb – how are you ever going to reach the top? Have you ever experienced the feeling that you’ve spent so long trying to achieve your goal but felt you’ve got nowhere with it? If this is you then you’re not alone. As humans, we are built to naturally see the problems and easily punish ourselves for bad behavior. Poor performances are quickly condemned in our minds and guilt can rise to the surface. Our mindsets can bring us down when we feel we’ve failed and this usually results in giving up on dreams and goals. So what is the secret to achieving these goals? Successful people make huge achievements all the time so how do they do it? What makes them so different?

“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” – Conan O’Brien

Why Change is So Hard

You’ve heard the old saying, the only thing in life that is constant is change? Well, it’s true. And yet, for most of us, change is really hard. In fact, we work harder emotionally to resist change than we would to implement the change. A growing field of research reveals why it’s so hard for us. Dr. Melissa Hughes explains in this short video.

Effective Delegation Strategies [Recording] UW CPED

The UW-Madison Center for Professional & Executive Development posted a webinar recording on delegating. No matter how hard you might try, getting great work done is never truly a solo task, and delegation skills can be the key to your success. The earlier you learn effective delegation skills in your management career, the more it will shape you into being an engaging manager. In the recent webinar Effective Delegation Strategies, instructor Betsy Hagan shared how you can recognize effective delegation techniques to enhance the career paths of those you manage.

UWCU Financial Wellness Resources Free to UW Employees

UW Credit Union offers some financial wellness courses, that you have access to. Find information from first-time homebuyer classes and tips for college students on spending, to building a budget calculator you can rely on. Check out either of these links for their programs:

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” William Arthur Ward

How to motivate employees through your workplace culture

Anyone who worked an office job in the 90s is familiar with the infamous motivational poster. You know the ones—a pithy quote floating in a black void with a nature-based picture looming above it. You couldn’t walk into a corporate working environment without spotting at least one hanging above the water cooler or gracing the HR Department’s door.

No matter how you felt about those posters, they were made for a good reason. Keeping employees motivated is a challenge that keeps many employers up at night—and who can blame them? Motivated employees work harder, require less management, and produce better results.

Unfortunately, few employees are entirely self-motivated. This is where your workplace culture works its magic. Our research shows that thriving cultures with great employee experiences are 13 times more likely to have highly engaged employees—and engaged employees quickly become motivated employees.

Use these employee engagement ideas to build an inspiring workplace culture that will motivate your people for years to come.


Upcoming Events

Waunakee Concert in the Park *Tonight!*

Take a break from work, and enjoy some free live music in a beautiful park setting! Former Wisconsin Union employee Jen Farley is part of the all-female pop trio Gin, Chocolate, & Bottle Rockets and they are playing TONIGHT at Waunakee’s Concert in the Park. This venue is a beautiful park with a pavilion and stream, and each concert features a row of food trucks to satisfy your hunger (and thirst) while you enjoy great music.

  • Tuesday, July 13, 2021 (today)
  • 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
  • 301 South Division St Waunakee, WI (map)