Free Covid-19 Response Guide & Business Resources

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been like no other crisis in recent history. A typical natural disaster (flood, hurricane, fire, etc.) is precipitated by a single event, and the recovery and reopening process is relatively linear. While immensely difficult, the steps toward recovery are known. With COVID-19 recovery, businesses are reopening slowly as healthcare facilities are building their testing and treatment capacities. Consumer confidence in safety and the economy needs to be restored, and there is possibility that COVID cases will increase again, causing additional or new disruptions until the viral threat has been mitigated. As the business owner, planning for this sustained level of uncertainty can be overwhelming. This workbook provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the actions you have already taken in response to COVID-19 and walks you through best practices and a process to move forward. This workbook is also available in Spanish.

FREE COVID-19 Response Guide & Business Resources