Planners’ Picks — January 4, 2022

Planners’ Picks

A collection of resources from CSN planning committee members worth mentioning

Let’s get started on the right foot this year: here are some tips on resolutions, along with self-leadership advice to strengthen your managing muscle.


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Looking for a quick resolution? Try any of these.

||| Let’s Start 2022 Out Strong |||

Not everything needs to be a major New Year’s Resolution. Think small change for the better. Think incremental.

10 Happiness Prescriptions for You in 2022

Do you sometimes need something prescribed to you in order to take action on it? Are the obvious cures sometimes not the first place you go when feeling sluggish or unmotivated?

With the help of the Greater Good Science Center, a few colleagues at Sutter Health have started giving “old school” paper prescriptions to do things that we all understand are good for us and for which there is sound scientific evidence.

Podcast: Just Listen with Mark Goulston

Join psychiatrist and author Mark Goulston as he provides tactics and tips to fortify your listening skills, effectively work with others, and stay balanced in your responses. This Franklin Covey podcast with Scott Miller is a must for leaders in today’s workplace, and you’ll have a better 2022 as a result of following Mark’s advice.

“My Visual Year” Worksheet to Transition Into ‘22

Dani Saveker of Visual Synopsis has some amazing visual tools for leadership books available for download. Some are for purchase, and some are free. This is a special piece she created for people to fill in – write and / or draw – and add color as they wish. It’s the perfect tool to transition into the new year and align your values and plans with your current state.  It has been designed around 2 of the GLAS tools: 1) LEAPS and 2) ALIGN.


  • L: LEARN  Things you’ve learned from the past year
  • E: EMOTIONS  The feelings you mainly felt during the year
  • A: ACTIONS  The big things you’re going to action and do
  • P: PROCESSING  The things you’re still processing and thinking about – they could be questions you have
  • S: SHOUT OUT  People you’d like to shout out – that made a difference to your year or just inspired you


  • ACCEPT  What you need to accept from the past year. These are the things you can’t change
  • LEAVE BEHIND  The things – or feelings – you want, or need, to leave behind
  • IGNITE  These are the things (or people) that have ignited you positively and / or negatively. The things that inspired or annoyed.
  • GRATEFUL  What you’re grateful for from the past year
  • NEXT  Thinking ahead, what are the dreams or ideas for the next 12 months?

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Gratitude Is a Skill For Happier Living

Life can be hectic. For a happier life, carve out time to reflect and be more grateful. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness towards the world or other people. It shows you do not take things for granted. It’s a skill anyone can learn as an alternative to resentment, regret and fear.

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Artist Henri Matisse

How to Build New Habits by Taking Advantage of Old Ones

Think you can’t develop a new habit? Try habit stacking: promoting a new habit on the back of another habit you already have mastered. An example might be to meditate while the coffee percolates. Read this article from James Clear, the king of the 1% Better movement of personal improvement.

The Quit Alternative: Instead, Take That Job And Love It

When you’re feeling stressed or you’re thinking about quitting your job, remember that you can improve your existing job. With some effort, you can shape it into what you want it to be. So go claim your talents, and share them with the world!

Action for Happiness January Calendar

How can we start this new year happier? Things have certainly not been easy over the last year, and we are still in difficult and uncertain times. The best way to try to handle our difficult emotions and experiences is by focusing on what we can control. This month, we’re encouraging everyone to focus on small steps to try to boost happiness – for ourselves and others around us – to spread kindness and hopefully inspire others to do the same.


||| Resources on Self-Leadership Development |||

How do you KNOW You’re a Leader? (Hint: your title doesn’t matter!)

If you’re not creating change… then you’re a manager, not a leader. In this livestream with Charlene Li, she shares the three misunderstood qualities of true disruptive leadership. They might seem counterintuitive at first, but these are the qualities that make leaders (no matter what your business card says).

Why Managers Need Leadership Development Too

Are managers different from leaders?

This is an age-old debate. Some believe that the roles are different — and should be. The perception is that leaders are big-picture thinkers, visionaries, and stewards of strategy. Managers, on the other hand, are the ones who “get things done,” execute leadership direction, and direct teams. But the world is changing. Driven by the incredible pace of change in globalized business and the new will of the workforce that prioritizes development and flexibility, today’s business world is agile and dynamic.

If your future depends on the leaders you build today, as it does in most companies, it’s vital to elevate the leadership competencies of your managers at all levels of your organization.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” — Will Rogers

20 Management Podcasts for Leaders and Managers

Are you into podcasts? The business world is always changing and moving forward, and professionals in management and leadership roles need to change and move forward right along with it. While we personally believe professional development certificates and programs are one of the top ways to grow professionally in these roles, managers have a plethora of additional resources available to help them evolve their skills and leadership styles.

Podcasts are a great resource for leaders and managers. They are convenient — you can listen to them almost anywhere at any time — and they are abundant — you can likely find at least one podcast on whatever topic you are interested in. The folks at the Center for Professional & Executive Development compiled a list of several management-related podcasts that we think you would enjoy. Hopefully, you’ll find some that spark your interest and get you thinking about how to improve as a manager and leader.


||| Upcoming Events ||| 

Last Call: Building Employee Trust During Times of Crisis

On this side of the COVID crisis, only 44% of employees trust their leaders and managers to navigate a crisis well! (Gartner’s survey of the Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2022). How confident are you that your employees would say they trusted you during this recent crisis? How confident are you that they will when the next crisis comes along?

In this 90-minute session, you’ll leverage reflections and lessons learned during COVID to help focus on what you can do to gain your employees’ trust. Using these lessons, you will be able to create an action plan to build employees’ trust before the next crisis occurs. Come prepared to reflect on your experiences during COVID.

Facilitated by Learning and Talent Development.

Date: January 11, 2022
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am via Zoom

Wellbeing Skills with Richard Davidson

Sign up for an inspiring event with neuroscientist Professor Richard Davidson (former Center for Healthy Minds Director at UW-Madison) to learn science-based skills to boost your wellbeing.

Can wellbeing skills be learned? At this special event, neuroscientist Richard J Davidson will share the latest insights from the neuroscience of wellbeing. He’ll explain how wellbeing is not a static thing, but rather a set of skills that can be learned and cultivated over time, just like learning to play a musical instrument or riding a bike.

Prof. Davidson will show us how we can learn to cultivate a positive outlook, rebound from negative emotion, live more mindfully and grow qualities such as empathy, compassion and gratitude. And he’ll share practical actions which we can put into practice now to build positive habits for lifelong wellbeing whatever our situation.

Date: January 12, 2022
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm online