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CSN Summer of Celebrations 2024

Welcome to the Summer of Celebrations!

The idea here is to celebrate your successes, your network, and how far you’ve come in your leadership journey.

Give yourself some credit for the hard things you’ve powered through. Give yourself some grace for the times it didn’t go so well, and celebrate that you made it to the other side.

And share the love with your peers on and off campus, to let them know they’re appreciated!

Help Us Celebrate!

Tell us all what or who you want to celebrate this summer! You can call out a friend or peer for their awesomeness, mention something you’re grateful for, or list a success story you’re proud of. All entries will be posted below on the Celebrations Wall. Please keep it positive and clean.

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Celebrations Wall Entries

Summer of Celebrations Sessions

Chazen Museum Self-Guided Tour

Celebrating the arts on campus!

Held July 18

CSN members met at the Chazen Museum to enjoy a self-guided tour of the various exhibits and network with each other. CSN Members tour the Chazen Museum and network on July 18, 2024.CSN Members tour the Chazen Museum and network on July 18, 2024. CSN Members tour the Chazen Museum and network on July 18, 2024.

More information about Chazen can be found at

Allen Centennial Gardens Walking Tour

Celebrating nature and the outdoors!

Allen Centennial Gardens - sun setting through a trellis at the gardens.

CSN members will meet at the Allen Centennial Gardens front entrance to enjoy a walking tour of some of the gardens, do some optional art projects and thank you note writing, and network.

Note: dogs are welcome on a leash! Bring your furry workmate along.

Date: July 31, 2024
Time: 1:30-3:00 pm

Register Here:

More information about Allen Centennial Gardens can be found at

Babcock Dairy Observation Deck Tour and Tasting

Celebrating industry and discover dairy delights. Observe, indulge, and learn at Babcock Dairy

Close-up of Babcock ice cream in someone's hand

CSN members will meet at the Dairy Store for an observation experience to learn more about Babcock Dairy behind the scenes. We’ll visit the store for a treat* and head outside to enjoy it while we network and celebrate.

Date: August 15, 2024
Time: 10:30-11:30 am
*A complimentary scoop of Babcock ice cream is included in this session!

Register Here:

More information about Babcock Dairy can be found at

CSN is setting you up to spread some cheer during the SOC:

“Right-click” any of these images to download and place them into an email to your peers!

Send a friend or colleague a kind message of gratitude for how they’ve supported you in your journey.

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Send a message telling someone they rock.

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Or send a message of thanks for something special you want to celebrate.

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Some comments from our team at CSN:

Grateful for the CSN planning committee

As chair of CSN's planning committee, I am eternally grateful to the planners for their ideas, willingness to engage, and passion to help others succeed. It's amazing what a small group of dedicated people can accomplish! ~Rich Gassen

Terrace SoG Gathering - Nancy Kujak-Ford, Ruben Mota, and Carol Hulland talking outdoors at the Union Terrace

CSN turns 9 this Summer!

CSN was formed in the spring of 2015 and held our first in-person event on August 4th with 65 people in attendance. We solicited feedback at this meeting to learn what people desired from a community of practice. All of our past events are below!

a 9 candle on a birthday cake with lights and decorations

What are you celebrating this summer?

We're excited to promote your successes and celebrations! Please share with us what you are celebrating this summer, by filling out the Wall of Celebrations form (link below).